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Blog categorized as Clanity A Promising New Blockchain Project with a Worldwide Use Case
Besides being the most disruptive technology of the century, blockchain is also a value proposition where a community-based approach yields transparency and a trustless distribution system. However, technicality and lack of real-world use cases had slowed the early adoption of this technology.

When i...
13.09.21 12:21 AM - Comment(s)
Clanity - A New Blockchain Rewards & Community Engagement Program With World Use Case (Pre-sale soon)
Clanity connects brick and mortar businesses to customer through our blockchain rewards and community engagement program.

Clanity strives to build a self-sustaining community all over the world.

Clanity is the first blockchain technology that attempts to simplify and efficiently reward a large number ...
23.08.21 12:05 AM - Comment(s)