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Clanity Blog News & Events
Collision Conference: Clanity got accepted into the Alpha Startup Program and will be part of the Impact Startup Showcase
We are very excited to announce that Clanity has been accepted into the Alpha Startup Program at the Collision Conference in Toronto, Canada on June 20-23, 2022. We will be part of the Impact Startup Showcase with some of our favorite startups at this conference.

Clanity is a revolutionary blockchain...
Clanity Team
12.06.22 12:10 AM - Comment(s)
Clanity Makes a Splash by Announcing Distribution of $CLAN Via Partnership with DripDropz
Clanity, the first blockchain technology company building a self-sustaining world-wide community that connects businesses with their customers through a blockchain reward and engagement program, is now a DripDropz partner.  DripDropz is an intuitive platform offering projects, such as Clanity, ...
Clanity Team
21.05.22 10:05 AM - Comment(s)
Why clanity will be an effective rewards program for businesses?

The art of making a customer react, for example to trigger a purchase following an advertising campaign or to push him to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire, is already subtle in itself. However, it is only one step in the implementation of a good customer strategy. The real objective?


Clanity Team
03.05.22 05:42 AM - Comment(s)
Launch of KYC for The Clanity Token Sale
The Clanity team is reiterating their commitment to promoting the adoption of blockchain across the globe as the company recently announced the KYC launch for the sale of the $CLAN token. In a related development, Clanity Inc. is set to launch a limited NFT collection with utility of 15% interest AP...
Clanity Team
15.04.22 04:09 AM - Comment(s)
The Clanity Whitepaper: A Brief Summary
What is Clanity

Clanity is a blockchain system that aims to give end-users control over their finances in order to achieve financial inclusion. To put it another way, Clanity aims to return economic power to the people. Clanity’s objective is to build a community that supports each of its members via...
Clanity Team
29.03.22 01:59 AM - Comment(s)