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The Clanity Whitepaper: A Brief Summary

29.03.22 01:59 AM By Clanity Team

What is Clanity

Clanity is a blockchain system that aims to give end-users control over their finances in order to achieve financial inclusion. To put it another way, Clanity aims to return economic power to the people. Clanity’s objective is to build a community that supports each of its members via their contributions and flourishes within its financial ecology or model. Once Clanity is fully and widely embraced, a cycle will be formed through the platform, with self-sustaining communities being built one town at a time throughout the world.

Clanity Plans

Through our blockchain rewards and engagement program, Clanity hopes to create a self-sustaining community by linking companies with their consumers all over the world.

Clanity will feature a native Cardano utility token with a global use case and a high chance of global adoption. Customers will be rewarded with this token if they complete transactions with our business partners.

Additionally, corporate partners will use this token to offer community interaction opportunities for the general public and to reward them for participating with the brand. Clanity will use the latest developments in encryption and distributed ledger technology to help local companies and low-funded schools by developing lucrative and appealing loyalty/reward programs as well as possibilities for community-business interaction.


The Clanity tokens will use the Cardano blockchain. they aim to create a fixed supply of 1 billion Clanity tokens, out of which 60% (600 million) tokens shall be used to raise $50 million in funding. This funding shall be raised in three stages at different valuations, with the last being a crowd sale at $0.1/token. The remaining 40% (400 million) tokens shall be utilized as reserves for network participation rewards by staking and providing liquidity. Read more about the Clanity Token.

Cardano, Clanity, and our B2C rewards program

Clanity aims to utilize the Carano blockchain and Cryptocurrency to help local businesses increase traffic, customer loyalty, and collaboration with other businesses with our B2C rewards program. Our program is based on a better philosophy to build customer loyalty by offering innovative value additions beyond any specific business scope. Read more about why Clanity chose Cardano.

Clanity rewards program consists of three main elements:

1. Customers gain rewards (in the form of Cryptocurrency) in return for transactions with our partner businesses. The business in return will gain advertising opportunities in our community.

2. Businesses share community engagement activities that will aid them in advertising and branding. When customers participate in these activities, customers earn rewards.

3. Holding a certain amount of tokens in their wallets shall enable consumers to further rewards.

Business & Features

Clanity plans to create beautifully designed platforms that are simple and easy to use yet very well architecture and robust for tech-savvy and non-technical users. Our platform shall have the following features:

  • User-friendly design — Clanity will be designed to offer value to our users and encourage widespread use. Our sound design will create a sense of trust and smooth transaction between the product and users.
  • Scalability and quick transaction time — Clanity plans to be widely adopted worldwide.
  • Harnessing the power of Cardano means Clanity can process hundreds of transactions per second and maybe millions with the Ouroboros Hydra solution upgrade.
  • Minimal transaction fees — Clanity understands that users’ most significant concerns involve the transaction fees. We want Clanity to be worthwhile, so we have designed the tokens to have one of the lowest transaction fees compared to other cryptocurrencies.
  • Trust and transparency — Clanity believes that trust and transparency create loyalty. Our features which include no third-party involvement and encrypted transaction records, lead to strong controls in this process. With such processes and controls in place, we can ensure the security and authenticity of your data.
  • Security — We understand that the security of a token is essential. Our plan is for Clanity to be a more efficient and cheap way to interact between systems and use smart contracts most securely.

“Security goes hand in hand with adoption. Adoption goes hand in hand with usefulness. Usefulness is about the possibilities of using a network but also about the price of transactions and the time needed for settlement.” — Underesearcher | Medium

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Clanity is a blockchain technology hoping to return the power of finance back to the end users to promote financial inclusion. Once Clanity is fully and universally adopted, a cycle will then be established through the platform building self-sustaining communities, one town at a time, all over the world.