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Survival of Local Brick and Mortar Businesses Is Vital: Are They Dying?

09.02.23 12:25 AM By Clanity Team

Are They Dying?

The local brick-and-mortar business has seen a significant decline in the past few years. Many people believe this is due to the rise of online shopping and technological advances that allow more people to connect with customers through digital marketing. But some of these brick and mortar stores are carrying signs telling their closure, with no notice given. There are many different opinions on whether or not the death of local brick-and-mortar shops is happening. While some believe that local shops are dying, others argue that the closure of a few stores does not automatically mean it is a widespread closure affecting all of them. 

Why are Local Brick and Mortar Businesses Important in the Economy?

The local brick-and-mortar store provides a place to do business and provides a great source of income for the store owner. These stores keep people employed. With so many people losing their jobs due to outsourcing and technological advances and business closures, it is tough for new businesses to expand and it is even more difficult for people to find a new jobs. 

Why Should they Adapt to New Online Marketing Strategies Like Blockchain? 

Quite a few of these local brick-and-mortar businesses are still thriving, but because the economy is rather difficult to profit with continually, many will have to close down if they fail to compete. With the help of blockchain technology, local brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from new marketing strategies that will help bring them traffic from people worldwide who are interested in their products or services. 

Social Media 

Many of these local brick-and-mortar businesses have already created a social media page to interact with their customers. It provides a way for customers to get information about the business whether they are entering the store or not. These businesses can also set up a rewards program to reward their customers for every purchase that they make. Clanity is a rewards program set up to help local brick and mortar businesses by giving rewards to their loyal and new customers when they visit or engage with their business. With the rise of online businesses, local brick-and-mortar businesses must adapt to new marketing strategies to remain in business. 

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