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08.11.22 12:57 PM By Clanity Team

Clanity Founder and CEO, Jade Tao, proudly announced the upcoming availability of the Clanity token ($CLAN) on the Indacoin Exchange. Clanity is a dynamic startup venture that strives to build a self-sustaining community by connecting businesses with their customers through blockchain rewards and community engagement program. The Clanity $CLAN token will be available on Indacoin Exchange on December, 2022.

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The Clanity team worked non-stop to reach the upcoming milestone. There are dozens of crypto exchanges available making the selection process a challenge. According to Tao, comprehensive research was conducted before the team decided Clanity should make its debut on Indacoin Exchange.  “We considered a wide range of factors before selecting Indacoin, starting with security. The Indacoin Exchange has never experienced a security breach--that was a big selling point.  A proven track record also makes a difference. Numerous exchanges have come and gone but Indacoin has endured and grown since its inception years ago.  We were reassured by their longevity”, according to Tao. 

Tao also highlighted the importance of compliance in selecting Indacoin.  “Indacoin complies with critical banking regulations, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) to allow direct purchase with fiat.  Given our emphasis on legal compliance, Indacoin’s operating standards gives Clanity peace of mind on regulatory matters.  One of the goals is to allow users to be able to purchase $CLAN tokens using Visa and Mastercard. With Indacoin, our visitors can use Visa/Master card to purchase a vast amount of cryptocurrencies, including our $CLAN token directly on our websites  A Visa/Mastercard on-ramp makes it easier for our customers to join our fast-growing community.” , said Tao.

Clanity $CLAN token is a Cardano Native Token which can be stored using Cardano wallets like Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami and Eternl.

More $CLAN token exchange listings are planned in Q1 2023. Get in early before it's too late. For more information regarding Clanity, visit our official channels.

Written by: Nelson Hernandez