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Clanity on Cardano Summit 2021

23.10.21 12:37 AM By Clanity Team

The Clanity team has been very busy this month.

We’re glad that our efforts making Clanity’s Catalyst Project Fund6 proposal video landed us a spot in the Cardano Summit. It was full of sleepless days for our CEO, but nonetheless, we were able to prepare for the summit.

Check out our video at the Cardano website or you can also check it out below.
If you have missed the entire Cardano Summit and want to see it, you can check the link below.

Right after the Cardano Summit, our CEO, Jade, was invited by the Cardano Pool Stakers Philippines Group to repesent Clanity’s ideology and roadmap.

Thank you to the Cardano Facebook Community Philippines, to the Cardano Philippines SPOs, ADAPH, PHRock and Red Horse Stake Pool for sponsoring, and to Rey of CardaNews for hosting.

You can check the video in the link below.

So what are the next steps for Clanity? We are working on the referral program for early adopters built on Haskell, Elm and connected to Cardano node. Clanity users will get free tokens when they signup and also with every referral.

Building the technology for the token sale is also in the works at 70% completion. Our development partners, MLabs, will be part of the pioneer program for AtalaPrism. We’re hopeful to get AtalaPrism integrated for our token sale KYC in time for our planned launch, end of this year.

We’re also currently building our business partners list along with other marketing efforts.

If you are a registered brick and mortar business issuing official receipts, you may qualify as a Clanity business partner.

Sign up below to be added in our list.