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Clanity Makes a Splash by Announcing Distribution of $CLAN Via Partnership with DripDropz

21.05.22 10:05 AM By Clanity Team

Clanity, the first blockchain technology company building a self-sustaining world-wide community that connects businesses with their customers through a blockchain reward and engagement program, is now a DripDropz partner.  DripDropz is an intuitive platform offering projects, such as Clanity, a comprehensive selection of token distribution options.  Both Clanity and DripDropz operate in the Cardano ecosystem. 

Clanity is focused on developing innovative solutions for brick-and-mortar retail reward programs.  Essentially, brick-and-mortar retailers have two daunting challenges.  The first is loss of market share to online retailers.  In response, large brick-and-mortar retailers have enhanced reward programs.  However, existing programs are losing effectiveness, moreover, reward programs are often not available to countless small businesses.  Clanity’s blockchain technology offers a viable solution.  The Clanity solution is designed from the customer point of view, intuitive and easy to use.  Furthermore, Clanity uses technology that reimages how businesses acquire and maintain new and existing customers to ensure efficient and effective results.

An obviously delighted Jade Tao, Clanity CEO, stated “Clanity and DripDropz partnership is a natural fit.  We both exist on the Cardano ecosystem.  Each project utilizes the latest in technology and innovation. We each value trust, and both Clanity and DripDropz are dedicated to strengthening communities.” 

DripDropz provides token dispensing services to the Cardano community.  As an intuitive platform offering projects a comprehensive selection of distribution parameters, DripDropz welcomes projects of all sizes into its ecosystem. Delegates reap the rewards of DripDropz by providing the ability to withdraw a variety of tokens while remaining delegated to a community pool.

Clanity token, $CLAN, whitelist and know your customer (KYC)  signup is now live on the website. Follow our social media accounts for token sale announcements.

Written by: Nelson Hernandez

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