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Launch of KYC for The Clanity Token Sale

15.04.22 04:09 AM By Clanity Team

The Clanity team is reiterating their commitment to promoting the adoption of blockchain across the globe as the company recently announced the KYC launch for the sale of the $CLAN token. In a related development, Clanity Inc. is set to launch a limited NFT collection with utility of 15% interest APY. The projects form part of the all-inclusive blockchain rewards program that will undoubtedly chart a new course in the digital space.

“Clanity will revolutionize the blockchain rewards program by creating a universal rewards token.” — Clanity

Blockchain technology can be rightly described as the most disruptive invention in recent times, judging by the adoption and use cases of the concept. However, millions of people are still unaware of the immense features and benefits of blockchain, which is where Clanity aims to make a difference with their range of groundbreaking projects.

Clanity is the first blockchain technology designed to simplify and efficiently reward a large number of individuals who make subjective contributions to local businesses worldwide with a universal utility token, connecting businesses with their customers through blockchain rewards and engagement programs.

One aspect of the project is the Clanity token, $CLAN, a Cardano native token with a total fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tokens. There is also a limited edition NFT collection, with only 100 available for purchase of each of the two designs and only a total of 200 wallets will enjoy this amazing interest rates as high as 15% APY. Read more about Clanity Tokenomics here.

Other aspects of the Clanity ecosystem include the CLANwallet, CLANswap, CLANbuzz, payCLAN, and dataCLAN. The projects will help Clanity achieve the goal of creating a self-sustaining community by introducing Blockchain in the underrepresented market, support low-funded schools, and allow self-monetization by enabling users to sell their own data to business partners. Explore Clanity Platforms here.

For further information about the NFT sale, token launch and other projects in the Clanity ecosystem, visit our official channels.

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Clanity is a blockchain technology hoping to return the power of finance back to the end users to promote financial inclusion. Once Clanity is fully and universally adopted, a cycle will then be established through the platform building self-sustaining communities, one town at a time, all over the world.