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Collision Conference: Clanity got accepted into the Alpha Startup Program and will be part of the Impact Startup Showcase

12.06.22 12:10 AM By Clanity Team

We are very excited to announce that Clanity has been accepted into the Alpha Startup Program at the Collision Conference in Toronto, Canada on June 20-23, 2022. We will be part of the Impact Startup Showcase with some of our favorite startups at this conference.

Clanity is a revolutionary blockchain rewards and community engagement program hoping to create self-sustaining communities all over the world. The company has been accepted into Alpha Startup Program by Collision Conference, one of the biggest tech conferences in North America with over 35,000 in attendance, which will include, Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson. 

Collision Conference is an annual event that brings together industry leaders and innovators to talk about the future of technology. It is North America's fastest-growing tech conference bringing together Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and world-renowned speakers.  It’s hosted by Web Summit, which holds events in Lisbon and across the globe, including RISE conference in Hong Kong.

The conference aims to help startups build their presence in the tech community and foster connections between companies and other organizations. In addition to its main event, Collision has an annual startup competition, which showcases new products or services that are being built by participating startups.

Clanity believes that it can build a better future for the planet through financial inclusion in an efficient way. Clanity will help in creating an ecosystem that helps users earn cryptocurrency or blockchain assets as they participate in our global economy. This will give Clanity the opportunity to get its product out there for millions of people to see.

To know more about Collision Conference and featured startups, please check the links below.

Tickets are selling out, buy them below and don't forget to give Clanity a visit.

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